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Papula-Nevinpat is one of the largest and the most well-known patent, trademark and design agencies in Finland. It was founded by Patent Councelor Antti Papula in Helsinki in 1975. He was an open-minded visionary who, at that time already, saw the increasing need for intellectual property services and the upcoming changes in the field, as well as the vast IP business opportunities emerging from the dissolution of the Soviet Union. With determination and courage, he set out to build a company focusing on the good of the client in all its operations. Today, this work is being successfully continued, as Papula-Nevinpat has become a globally recognized Finnish company. In addition to the company's Finland-based global operations, Papula-Nevinpat has offices in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. With our assistance, your company will have proper protection for its innovations and brands, anywhere in the world.

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