IP applications and registrations

Patent, utility model, trademark or design right? We’ll find you the right protection method and prepare you a strong and effective application.

How to choose the best protection tool?

To efficiently protect your company’s intellectual property, we need to look at your company’s situation as a whole. The best protection is usually achieved by combining different protection methods.

We’ll make a detailed analysis of your idea, your line of business, and your competitors, and prepare you an application giving you the strongest protection possible.

A good application consists of understanding the legal requirements, using accurate wording to describe the invention, focusing on the right markets and geographical areas, and foreseeing any barriers to protection. Choosing the right protection method depends on the type of idea or invention you have: products or technologies can be protected by a patent or a utility model, while slogans or figures are protected with a trademark.

Our IP experts will walk you through different options and help you choose the right method.


A patent gives you the right to prevent others from using your invention, such as manufacturing, selling or importing your product for commercial purposes. An invention that can be protected with a patent must be new, involve an inventive step and be suitable for industrial application.

Utility models

Much like a patent, a utility model gives you a right to prevent others from using your invention commercially. The utility model is especially suited to protect practical devices and ”smaller” inventions.

The utility model process is also less costly compared to filing a patent application.

Find out more about utility model protection.


Trademarks can be extremely valuable to your business. A properly protected, used, and enforced trademark is the building block of a strong brand.

Trademarks play an essential role in marketing by adding value to a product or a service. A registered trademark may also enhance the reputation of your product or service.

Design rights

If you have created a design, it’s worth protecting it with a design right. A registered design is an efficient tool to prevent others from copying or exploiting your new design.

A registered design is also an excellent tool if you need to defend your rights against copying and counterfeits. Read more about protecting designs and the application process.

Domain names

A domain name identifying your company or product is part of effective marketing and an important element in building your company’s IP portfolio and brand. Customers are more likely to find you if you have registered the name of your company or product as a domain name.

We’ll help you protect and defend your rights to a domain name. Read more about our domain name services.

IP portfolio management and IPR Control

We help our customers manage, maintain, and plan their IP portfolios for example by offering cost and budget estimating services.

We also offer an easy-to-use IPR Control extranet service. IPR Control lets you manage your IP portfolio practically in real time. For example, you can:

  • check and keep watch on open due dates
  • do searches and organize your IP portfolio for instance according to country, form of protection, or product category
  • view the status of your applications and registrations, and find correspondence and documents relating to your cases
  • print reports

IPR Control is available for all of our intellectual property services.