IP evaluation, searches and strategic advice

Protecting your invention should already begin during product development. We’ll help you evaluate the extent your idea can be protected as well as the right protection strategy.

Evaluating the protection of your idea

How new is your invention? In what ways can you apply it in industrial production? Are there similar products out there in the market? Is it economically viable to protect your idea? These are some of the questions our IP experts will go through with you.

We’ll evaluate your idea and the larger scope of its application, and give you a professional opinion on whether, and in what ways, it could be protected. Our attorneys have wide experience in a wide range of specialty areas to promote the success of your business.

IP strategy

Intellectual property is a key element in building the value and future of a technology company. Whether you’re dealing with corporate restructuring or just conducting business, it’s important to be aware of your own as well as your competitors’ intellectual property. Having an IP strategy means outlining the vision, goals, and tools for managing your intellectual property.

We’ll develop you a strategy for managing, protecting, and using your company’s intellectual property, and prepare you a risk analysis. A good IP strategy is an essential component of any business strategy and gives your company a competitive edge. You’ll be able to focus on protecting the products and services that you expect to make the best profit.

Preliminary searches

Do you know what is  trending in your industry? Is your invention new and patentable? These are questions our IP expert will go over with you.

If you’re planning to register a trademark, we’ll find out if there are any earlier trademarks or business names that could prevent your mark from being registered, and evaluate whether your mark is distinctive on the whole.

We’ll also give you an overview of any confusingly similar trademarks your competitors may have. Our service also includes checking the availability of domain names.

We’ll back your decisions with data – to secure your strong protection and competitive advantage.

Patent landscape analysis

A patent landscape analysis offers you a snapshot of the current patenting trends in your field. We’ll give you an overview of what other companies in your line of business are doing as well  as what technologies are being patented.

If you’re interested in knowing more about a specific subject, we’ll draw up statistics tailored for the  information you need. For example, statistics by country or annually, statistics on the biggest filers of patent applications, or on the most active inventors in your field of interest.

Patent invalidity searches

If you want to know your chances of invalidating a competitor’s patent, we recommend you conduct an invalidity search with us.

Our experts will find out if there are any prior art publications that could serve as basis for an opposition or an invalidation action. Prior art refers to all information that has been publicly available in any form before a patent filing date.

Competitor monitoring and Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Do you know what your competitors’ IP portfolio includes? Are you sure you’re not infringing another’s rights? Our experts will regularly monitor your competitors to let you know what they ‘re up to as well as foresee any potential risks.

We’ll also let you know if any new applications, patents, or other registrations come up. So you can either choose to file invalidation actions or oppositions, or just take these rights into consideration in your own operating plans to avoid later court proceedings.