What is a copyright?

What is a copyright?

Copyright is a legal concept that gives the creators of original works of authorship the exclusive right to control the use of their creations. Copyright protection encourages creativity and enables authors to earn a living.

Copyright protects any literary or artistic works that are original and independent. The authors of original works have an exclusive right to make copies of their work and make it available to the public. In other words, they have the right to prevent others from using their work, and to receive appropriate compensation for its use. However, the author can transfer all or part of these economic rights to another party by a contract. It is also possible to commercialize the work through licensing.

Unlike industrial property rights, copyright does not need to be registered to be effective in Finland. It is granted to the author automatically when the work is created and is generally valid for 70 years after the end of the year of the author’s death.

Our services include registering and enforcing intellectual property rights, as well as providing assistance in copyright matters. We have expertise in copyright law and can assist our clients with contracts related to licensing and other agreements, as well as in infringement situations.


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