My second ASIPI Congress in Mexico City


I had the pleasure of attending the XXII ASIPI Congress held in Mexico City in December 2023. ASIPI, the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property, was established in 1964 and is the first regional intellectual property organization in the Americas. The congress saw a gathering of around 1000 attendees from Latin American countries, making it a significant event for intellectual minds dedicated to advancing intellectual property.

The ASIPI Congress is a wonderful blend of education, networking, and cultural immersion. The event’s educational programs covered various topics, from diversity and inclusion to the cannabis industry. Some sessions were interpreted into English, while others were conducted in Spanish. Mutual respect and inclusion were important themes throughout the conference, regardless of the attendees’ age, gender, or beliefs.

Networking opportunities were also a key part of the program. During the four-day conference, I had about 16 meetings with colleagues from different parts of Latin America. We discussed the trademark laws and regulations in the region and compared them with the countries we operate in.

Not all Latin American countries have joined the Madrid Union, so trademark applications in this region must be filed nationally through local attorneys. Expanding our network in these countries is very beneficial in providing good service to our clients.

ASIPI also emphasized the importance of social responsibility in the IP community. I participated in a charity event organized by Brand Action to raise funds for the PACO Foundation. The foundation aims to provide a safe haven for children facing social abandonment.

ASIPI is a professional gathering and an event that perfectly balances work and play. The Latin American culture is deeply embedded with a love for dancing, and ASIPI reflects that. The dance floor becomes a space for forging connections and breaking down professional barriers. The congress not only broadened our intellectual horizons but also introduced the attendees to the art of joyful living.

Overall, the ASIPI Congress helped me grow both professionally and personally.