Official fees in EAPO to increase as of 1 July 2022


As of 1 July 2022, the Eurasian Patent Office increases official fees. In average, the official fees will be increased by 25 – 30%.

For example, the basic official fee for filing a patent application will increase to 36000 RUB (from 28000 RUB), the basic official fee for substantive examination will increase to 40000 RUB (from 30000 RUB), and the granting and publication fee will increase to 25000 RUB (from 18000 RUB).

If you currently consider to file a Eurasian patent application or if you already have applications with the EAPO, paying the pending official fees before 1 July will save costs to a significant degree.

In any questions you can contact our patent attorneys Erik Viik or Linda Norrgård.


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