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Consider the following questions:

– Will IP help bring in venture capital investment?
– Can IP help a startup defend itself against attacks by incumbent rivals?
– Can IP help a startup stop the theft of its innovations by larger rivals?
– Can IP ensure a startup’s freedom to operate?
– Can IP help a startup rapidly increase its market share?
– Can IP help startups form joint ventures and R&D partnerships?
– Can IP increase the chances that a startup will be acquired?
– Can IP help a startup get ready for an IPO?
– Will startups with IP achieve greater long-term success than startups without it?
– Can patents help a startup launch a billion-dollar empire?

The answer to all of these questions is yes! And these are just some of the reasons why patents and other types of intellectual property are so valuable to new businesses and should be kept in mind right from the outset of a new business.

Papula-Nevinpat has long and wide experience in helping startups. In 2010, we started cooperation with the Aalto Start-Up Center business accelerator, offering our deep knowledge of IP rights to the accelerator businesses. In addition, our experts give IP training and counseling to startups during Aalto Start-Up Center events.

In 2016, we also started cooperation with the Summer of Startups business accelerator program.

We want to help startups understand how extremely important it is to take care of their IP rights. At the same time, we hope that ever fewer companies will try to cope alone with their IP issues, or fail to understand the key role of confidentiality, or worse still, forget IP altogether.

You’ll find essential facts about IP rights in our Quick Guide to IP for Startups.

To get an overview of your current state of IP, contact us for a meeting with one of our experts free of charge. You can also contact Ville Kari, tel. +358 43 825 3387 or schedule a meeting here.


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