Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary branch of technology. Nanotechnological inventions are increasingly common for example in medicine, material technology, chemistry, semiconductor technology and biotechnology. Nanotechnology covers entities where the controlled geometrical size of at least one functional component is below 100nm in one or more dimensions. These components should be susceptible to enable physical, chemical or biological effects which are intrinsic to that size. Nanotechnology also covers equipment and methods for controlled analysis, manipulation, processing, fabrication or measurement with a precision below 100nm.

Papula-Nevinpat has strong competence in the special aspects of patenting nanotechnological inventions. In October 2008 our attorneys Dr. Teemu Lang and Dr. Dmitri Popov published the report “Patenting of Nanotechnology – the Russian Landscape” . Our experts also frequently speak in many conferences of this field (such as NTNE 2007 and NTNE 2006).

Some of the nanotechnical inventions are

  • carbon nanotubes
  • quantum dot lasers
  • nanocomposites
  • nanolaminates